Treatments at Fab Clinic are quoted specifically to your needs. This means we don't charge per area for some treatments like muscle relaxers. My prices are fair and reasonable and will reflect the highest quality products, ongoing training, and experience. I offer no obligation, free consultations, this way I can make sure you that you are fully informed and have a clear understanding of what your treatment involves, the results we may achieve and any risks.

Please note, for some new client appointments  I request a $50 booking fee. This amount will be deducted from your final payment at the time of treatment. However, if you decide to forfeit your appointment without reasonable notice, this fee is non refundable.

Treatment Options

Muscle Relaxers

The cost of a Dysport®, Botox®, or Xeomin® treatment varies depending on the product used, amount needed and area of treatment. Treatment amounts are measured in product units and is different for each product. For example, a typical frown line treatment may need 20 units of Botox® or 50 units of Dysport ®, however you may need less or more. The prices below are a guide based on standard recommended dosages. To determine exactly what you need, you pre treatment consultation is included. 

Botox Per Unit$16.50
Frown Lines 20 Units$330
Forehead  Lines10 Units$165
Crows Feet / Smile Lines24 Units$396

Dysport Per Unit$6.50
Frown Lines50 Units$325
Forehead Lines20 Units$130
Cows Feet/ Smile Lines60 Units$390

XeominPer Unit$15
Frown Lines20 Units$300
Forehead Lines10 Units$150
Cows Feet/ Smile Lines24 Units$360

Dermal Filler

The cost of a dermal filler treatment varies depending on the product and amount used and a charged by 1 ml syringe. For example, a filler used to add volume to cheeks, will generally be a thicker type filler and cost more than fillers to treat finer wrinkles and lips. To determine exactly what you need your pre treatment consultation are included. I do not offer 1/2 or shared syringes.


Fab Premium Filler.               
Fab Lips      1ml$580
Fab Restore Me. 2ml$1100
Fab Lift Me. 3ml$1600

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP skin regeneration therapy is a fantastic option to add to your anti ageing treatment plan and can be combined with the ever popular Dermapen treatment to reduce pore size, improve scarring and to accelerate results.

Regen PRP 2 tubes1-2 areas$500
Regen PRP 3 tubes Multi areas$750
PRP with Dermapen Multi areas$550
PRP with Dermapenx 3 Sessions$1500

Dermapen4 treatments

This very popular skin needling treatment works best with consecutive, ongoing treatments. Your pre treatment consultation is included.

Dermapen4 Face Per Session$250
Dermapen4 Face and NeckPer Session$350
Dermapen4 Facex 3 Sessions$650
Dermapen4 Face and Neckx 3  Sessions$950

Bespoke Fab Skin treatments

Dermaplane with Enzyme treatment$99
Skin peels$99


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